3 jun. 2014

Arduino CNC (drived by adafruit motorshield) with DVD drives.

I am documenting how to build a simple structure for a 2 axis CNC.
I've used 2 DVD-ROM drives for the stepper motors (I'm assuming about 23 steps/revolution). (pictures below)
The motor driver is adafruit motorshield . It uses H-bridge for steppers so it's not supported by grbl directly.
You 'll need other software to communicate the CAM software with arduino.
  1. Load CNC controller program into arduino.
  2. Design your model.
  3. Generate GCODE
  4. Transmit GCODE to Arduino
  5. MOVE!!
Now, the links with the software for each step:
  1. GCodeCNCDemo ( https://www.marginallyclever.com), for compiling you'll need this library (AFMotorDrawBot).
  2. I'm using a VERY simple gcode generator for 2 axis works online in HTML5. Here
  3. It's generated by the above http://simplegcoder.com/
  4. Transmit the code so GCodeCNCDemo understands it with GCodeSender. (Dan-Marginallyclever)
  5. Move (VIDEO)