16 abr. 2012

TEC 3ºESO. Cálculo del consumo eléctrico.

We are going to use this animation so we can find out how many electrical energy is consumed by the equipments that are normally used at home.
The price of the electricity it's allways changing, you can find out how much is this looking at the electricity bill (power bill).

Here you are some keywords usefull for the activity:
power: potencia
power rating: potencia (de salida)
current: Intensidad
voltage: voltaje
appliance: equipo, aparato
heater: calefactor

Download this image so you can see how to calculate the cost of the energy of each one of the appliances in the house.
When you click on any equipment in the house, this window will pop up, so you can configure the activity of that appliance. You have to estimate how many time do you use each appliance PER DAY.

If you roll the mouse over an object the game will show you its configuration.(PopUps button must be ON).
FIRST OF ALL you will need to set the price of the electricity in SPAIN, nowadays=0.1612€/kWh
You have to set this by clicking on the calculator icon, and remember, you have to convert the price to cents.

Once you have done that, you must set the information for every appliance in the house so we can calculate the price of electricity for ONE MONTH.
For each appliance you must write down in your notebook:

  • Name
  • Energy(per day)
  • Cost(per day)

Click in the next image to follow the link: